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Your Questions About Dry Cleaning Answered

Welcome to Lavanderia Dry Cleaners. With over 40 years of experience, we’re experts in garment care. Our reliability, passion, and quality of workmanship make our service one of the most sought-after in the Boston metropolitan area. 

As such, we’re used to fielding lots of dry cleaning FAQs from clients and prospective customers. So, we thought it was high time to get them all down in one convenient place. 

Ready to go? Then, let’s dive in! 

Does Dry Cleaning Remove Mold?

The short answer: Yes

The longer answer: When dry cleaned properly, the combination of powerful solvents and extreme temperature should kill even the most stubborn mold strains. Here at Lavanderia, our advanced dry cleaning process uses specialized cleaning agents that not only remove visible mold, but also address spores and lingering odors. 

Does Dry Cleaning Remove Smoke Damage?

The short answer: Yes

The longer answer: The problem with smoke residue is that it often penetrates deep into fabrics. The team at Lavenderia has perfected a meticulous dry cleaning process including pre-treatments and the application of special products to ensure that stains are removed and any persistent smoke particles and odors are targeted and eliminated.

Does Dry Cleaning Work on Sweat Stains?

The short answer: Yes

The longer answer: While unsightly yellow sweat stains can be hard to shift using a regular washer, specialized dry cleaning agents like those used at Lavanderia are designed to target and break down the active components of stubborn sweat stains – like urea, lactic acid, and salt. Even the toughest of sweat stains are no match for us! 

Can Dry Cleaning Remove Stubborn Ink Stains?

The short answer: Yes

The longer answer: The Lavanderia team excels in complete ink stain removal. In addition to using the best cleaning agents on the market, we employ spot-cleaning techniques to address specific areas with stubborn ink stains. This targeted approach allows for the thorough removal of the ink without subjecting the entire garment to unnecessary cleaning.

Does Dry Cleaning Kill Bed Bugs?

The short answer: Yes

The longer answer: This is one of our most commonly asked questions about dry cleaning at Lavanderia, as research shows Boston is one of the top US cities for bed bug infestations. Our dry cleaning process involves exposure to high temperatures of 140–145°F – more than sufficient to eliminate both bed bugs and bed bug eggs. 

Can Dry Cleaning Remove Pet Odors?

The short answer: Yes

The longer answer: Dogs, cats, and other household pets have scent glands that release pheromones, and they also shed dander (tiny skin flakes). At Lavanderia, we utilize a range of special cleaning agents specifically designed to break down and eliminate the molecules responsible for unpleasant smells caused by these biological traits. 

Is Dry Cleaning Suitable for Delicate Fabrics like Silk and Wool?

The short answer: Yes

The longer answer: These are precisely the types of materials for which dry cleaning is the best option. Why? Because contrary to popular opinion, dry cleaning is a much gentler cleaning process than traditional laundering. Plus, at Lavanderia, we use only the most reliable, industry-leading solvents on delicate fabrics to prevent shrinkage, distortion, and damage. 

Does Dry Cleaning Shrink Your Clothes?

The short answer: No

The longer answer: The solvents used in dry cleaning are actually less likely to cause fibers to swell or shrink than run-of-the-mill detergents. Plus, the Lavenderia approach ensures complete control over temperature and humidity, and our cleaning solvents have been individually chosen for their stabilizing effects, which help fabrics maintain their original size and shape.

Does Dry Cleaning Help in Preserving the Color of Garments?

The short answer: Yes

The longer answer: Because our professional dry cleaning service utilizes water-free solvents rather than submerging your garments in water, there is no need for vigorous mechanical agitation (like with a regular washing machine). Therefore, fading and color bleeding are eliminated, ensuring your clothes maintain their original brilliance for longer – even after repeated cleaning.

Can You Dry Clean Rugs, Curtains, and Other Household Textiles?

The short answer: Yes

The longer answer: You not only can, but you should! After all, tackling large household items by hand is both time and labor intensive. At Lavanderia, our advanced machinery allows us to effectively clean and refresh an array of oversized items, including:

  • Table linens
  • Bedsheets
  • Duvets
  • Blankets
  • Mattress covers
  • Drapery and curtains
  • Rugs
  • Upholstery and cushion covers

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Have questions about dry cleaning that we haven’t answered here? No problem. Our trusty team is on hand with any additional information you might need. So feel free to contact us any time. 

And the best bit? You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to organize a dry clean. Lavanderia services all neighborhoods in Boston and the greater Boston area with a hassle-free pickup and delivery service. Schedule your pickup today for a seamless dry cleaning experience that caters to your convenience. 

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